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BA Journalism student at the University of the Arts London. Video production and all sorts of digital media activity is my primary field of interest, for now at least. Other things I’m passionate about include but are not limited to music, politics, and travel. I read the Guardian, more frequently than daily.

Creative about the creation

Established in 2016, the name marks videos manufactured & delivered by us.

It also aggregates our work, making our portfolio more accessible to potential partners.


We work on commercial assignments as well as on a voluntary basis, for charities and where we want the story to be heard.


Although still investing in better equipment, we have video, stabilisation, audio and lighting gear on stock.

Our production process is focused on delivering a professionally looking content – on a budget, but without a budget-ish look.


We offer different formats: social media content, live recording, short documentary, reportage, fashion/music video, backstage shot, interview, even online advertising material tailored to your requirements.


Through our contact network, we can arrange the crew for any project. That includes web developers, 3d and fine artists, graphic editors, photographers, make up artists, stylists, models and designers.

Feel free to contact us at your convenience.




I’ve travelled a bit, here and there. I’ve lived in Tokio, Shanghai, Seoul, Taipei, Milan and somewhere else in China- twice. In 2015, I’ve moved to London to study.

I’m a Drama & Theatre Arts student at the Goldsmiths, University of London. I’ve done plenty of acting and modelling, chaining the knowledge of the set & the industry into new activities where I can. I love theatre, I also enjoy crafting things that an eye and a brain would find appealing.